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The automatic text-to-speech solution that turns print publications into mobile audio.
Instantly and seamlessly turn any story on your website into an engaging digital audio experience.
Increased Ad Revenue      Readership

Broadcast your own audio content to your users and STAND OUT​

Engage them while they are on the go.

Our audio voice over player lets users listen to the articles on-the-go and deliver high-fidelity audio.

How it works:

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high gear

Audio dots was founded on the simple premise that it shouldn’t be that hard to discover & listen to news you love.
Now your readers can listen to you – anytime, everywhere

Turn any story on your portal to a seamless and effortless audio experience. 




What sets us apart: Built in ad monetization from leading ad-exchanges and deal ID’s with unique audio technology. AudioDots offers publishers a compelling new space in order to gain visitors and sell advertising, be it pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll.

As we move toward a voice-driven world

we welcome you to be part of the revolution